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Leadership Programmes

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Leaders ensure events can be run; KS1 festivals, School Games competitions, participation festivals and 'Come and Try It' events all rely on volunteer leaders. Volunteering has always been about helping others – but it can also help you. There are so many benefits:

  • Try out new types of work
  • Get experience that looks good on your CV
  • Make a difference to the lives of people in your community
  • Learn new skills like leadership, problem solving, and working in a team
  • Improve your confidence, initiative and self -awareness
  • Get training and qualifications
  • Meet new people and make contacts that could lead to offers of paid work
  • Get references to use in job applications
  • Get satisfaction from doing something useful!

As a leader you will use life skills, be a role model and inspire! Children say:

“Leaders make you feel happy because they want you to have a good time”

“The best leaders make sure everyone gets to join in”

And from a Leader:
“Once you volunteer you can see you gain more than you give. You see how much difference you can make”

Get involved – Jump in – It’s worth it. Believe in yourself – believe you can make a difference.

HWSSP Leadership and Volunteering opportunities

Play Leaders/ Sporting Ambassadors /Sports Crew

Sports Leaders Secondary

Saracens Rugby Leaders Award

Sports UK Level 1,2 and 3

Apprentices  Level 2, 3

Level 5 and Level 6  Teacher/T.A




More Information About Leadership Programmes

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